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1979-2009© - We can accept donations  to the Light of Divine Truth Foundation, or any of our Chartered Churches by email
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~Join Us, you do not need to change your Religion to Join~
Live like it is heaven on earth,
live, laugh & be happy today and everyday, or make someone else happy, it could change your life forever, The most unselfish act one can ever do is paying
forward all the kindness one has received, even to the most undeserved person.
~"Words of Wisdom Seen Over the Door of an Old Inn"~
  • Hail Guest, We ask not what thou art;
  • If Friend, we greet thee, hand and heart;
  • If Stranger, such no longer be;
  • If Foe, our love shall conquer thee,
and "I shall light a candle for You and I My Friend"
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"We" Enable you to Teach and spread the word of Truth of the Divine to all who seek the
Wisdom handed down through the ages by our forefathers, either written, spoken, or thought of~
"We are the Light of Divine Truth Foundation"
~ Our "36th" Anniversary Year ~
Chartering Churches, Ordaining Ministers, and Certifying Divine Healers and Missionaries
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We All are Divine Spiritual Beings and Light Bearers of Truth & Wisdom~amen
"Calling All Angels"
Just for today, I will not worry.
Just for today, I will not get angry.
Just for today, I will honor the Divine
Just for today, I will be grateful and Thank God for all His gifts.
Today can be the first day of the rest of our life. I will live my life serving God's purpose's
with God's people and on God's planet for God's glory for all, my friend.. I will use my life
from this day forward to celebrate his presence, cultivate his character, participate in his
family, demonstrate his love, and communicate his word forever.
And this I ask for you and thee forever on end, life without end, amen~
Remember this, when God leads you to the cliff,
trust in him and let go, he will do 2 things, either catch you when you fall, or teach you how
to fly!!!!

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